Kaiser Permanente – Richmond, CA: Design and install a renewable microgrid consisting of 250kw solar PV structures utilizing SunPower modules (on top of existing parking garage), 1 mWh battery storage (Samsung), Princeton Power inverters, LED lighting, and NextGen Microgrid Controller. Charge Bliss developed, designed and engineered the project and was subsequently awarded a grant by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to implement the idea and perform the construction

My Role – I have been involved in the project from concept through operation. I assisted in site selection, planning, provided electrical design, liaised extensively with OSHPD achieving permit for the one of a kind project,  provided onsite support during start up and commission and now provide ongoing assistance to ensure effective operation and reporting 

Bernard Tyson CEO of Kaiser Permanente said about the project;

Where we live and work impacts our health. At Kaiser Permanente we are working to minimize our environmental footprint with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2020. h

Size 1MWH Storage, 250kW Solar Array, $5,000,000
Project Type Healthcare, Microgrid
Features OSHPD, first I-Occupancy Microgrid in California
Sustainability Microgrid, Energy Storage, Disadvantaged Community
Location  Richmond, CA
Schedule  2016 to Present 

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