Good to see this list of projects highlighting their innovation, ability to serve as models, and demonstration of microgrid benefits. Also great to have the Kaiser Ontario Microgrid project recognized. Working with Charge Bliss, CONTECH-CA delivered the first California Hospital Microgrid, starting back in 2015. We are now evolving that concept on a much bigger scale working with the Charge Bliss Team to greatly evolve this solution to deliver resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable power to California healthcare.

Part of the mission of this project is educating and informing other teams and projects and design. If you want to know more or learn how these solutions can benefit your project, give us a call or send us an email.

14. California microgrid to demonstrate that hospitals don’t need diesel generators

Hospitals are often cited as an example of why a 100% renewable grid isn’t feasible. A power outage can mean life or death in that setting. Kaiser Permanente plans to demonstrate a range of energy innovations at a hospital microgrid in Ontario, California, that will include how to incorporate more renewable energy and move away from diesel generators. The project, which includes 2.2 MW of solar, a 1-MW fuel cell from Bloom Energy and a 9-MWh battery, is funded in part by an $8 million grant from the California Energy Commission. The controls will be supplied by Charge Bliss.

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