Welcome to CONTECH-CA
CONTECH-CA provides value driven electrical engineering solutions for complex building types and systems; we specialize in healthcare, mission critical and distributed generation
We provide management and construction support so our clients can achieve better outcomes
We identify, partner and apply the most innovative Construction Technology solutions
Our buildings and systems face many challenges, including a changing environment. At CONTECH-CA we strive to provide you with cost effective resilient solutions
At CONTECH-CA we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that meet yours and future generations needs

30 Years' Experience

Managing Principal, John Griffiths brings over 30 years of experience to CONTECH-CA, successfully delivering a portfolio projects for some of the world's major consulting firms

Client Focused

As engineers and project managers we focus on understanding and meeting the client's needs

Value Driven Solutions

We constantly drive to interpret the client’s needs to arrive at solutions that provide their desired value.