Hospitals in California have to date been exempt from part 6 (Energy Codes) of the Building Codes. In the next Code Cycle, due to go into effect January 1st, 2020, hospitals will no longer be exempt and will be subject to Part 6, with a series of exceptions.

Below are CONTECH-CA Highlights of the Sections that will and will not Impact I-Occupancy Buildings

This is our brief summary. If you would like to understand more how this will impact your design or facility, let us know. We would also like to understand your thoughts/suggestions as to how we will embrace these new requirements and the associated challenges

Electrical – What is New  1.5.4

Section Hot Water Distribution Control – Exempt 

Section 5.4.2 Multi Level Lighting Controls – Exempt 

Section 5.4.3 Shut Of Controls – Exempt 

Section 6 Outdoor Lighting – Required 

Section 7.3 Sign Lighting Control – Exempt 

Section 8 Electrical Power Distribution – Some Exemptions 

Section 8.2 Service Metering – Exempt 

Section 8.3 Separation of Circuits 

Section 130.5c Volt-drop Required to Meet 


Controlled Receptacles Section 8.5 130.5(d) – Exempt 

Kitchen Exhaust Aceptance Tetsing Exempt 

Commercial  Refrigeration – Exempt 

Lab Exhaust 10.7 

Exhaust System Transfer – Exempt 

Compressed Air Systems 10.8 

Elevators 10.10 Exempt 

Building Commissioning 12 Exempt 

Acceptance Testing Section 13 Exempt 


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