Role: Electrical engineer and ‘design professional in responsible charge’ for the project. As a project was undertaken as an OSHPD emergency project we also led the construction administration.

Existing refurbished generator and a new digital controls

Project description: Due to the failure of the existing generator controls, CONTECH-CA led the design and construction administration. To support the hospital during the construction work, CONTECH-CA also oversaw the installation and testing of a temporary generator.
The temporary generator was installed in accordance with OSHPD CAN 2-108.

New digital controls installed in existing switchgear
MarketsHealthcare, Mission Critical
Size(2) 750kW Standby generators, (1) 2000 kW Temporary Generator
DeliveryOwner Builder
FeaturesElectrical Engineering, Emergency power coordination, NFPA 110 testing, project administration, temporary emergency power.
ResilienceDesign and Construction executed during PG&E Outages and while supporting an operational critical care hospital
Project TeamCONTECH-CA, MCE Architect, EStructure Structural Engineers, Cummins
Extensive temporary feeder installation

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