Hospitals joining in the decarbonization movement? Anyone involved in hospital design or operation will be thinking – wow …mammoth task, particularly with the ongoing challenges healthcare are facing from Covid-19 and in California wildfires. That being said we have to start somewhere and I wanted to share this article that identifies what is being done to start the move to decarbonize.  

At CONTECH-CA we learned a lot being part of the team with Charge BlissSeth Baruch and the California Energy Commission delivering the Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center. 

This was the first hospital in California to implement a microgrid that connects renewable energy and battery storage to a preexisting, diesel-fueled backup power system in a hospital. 

The  Kaiser Permanente Richmond microgrid project also initiated the development of the OSHPD Microgrid White paper. This document is now being used as a guide for other Hospital Microgrids, such as the California Energy Commission funded Kaiser Permanente Ontario Microgrid project.  CONTECH-CA is working with the Charge Bliss team to deliver this much larger system that will hopefully be the inspiration for many other resilient and sustainable solutions. 

What other challenges and opportunities are you seeing as we look to decarbonize?

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