The Challenge – Convert an existing storage building into a food production facility utilizing existing utility capacities

Project Goals 

  • Design electrical systems to support the conversion of building into a food production facility
  • Design the electical systems so could use the exsiting PG&E service capacity  
  • Complete work on schedule and as food processing equipment was shipped from Europe
  • Deliver a builing to support this mission driven organization  

Project Description 

With equipment being supplied from many different countries CONTECH-CA collaborated with a global team of specialist consultants, architect & design-build teams to ensure the electrical services were designed to accommodate the many specialized equipment requirements. This was done by maintaining budget and schedule goals. As existing building extensive site surveys were required.


CONTECH-CA lead the initial coordination of the building systems and existing building surveys. Based on this CONTECH-CA developed an electrical design that was able to support the many system requirements without requiring service upgrades.

At a Glance       

Challenge                     Complete without requiring expensive PG&E Service work

Solution                        A detailed load evaluation and creative service utilization solution

Value                             Saved Owner cost and schedule impact of increasing service 

Location                       San Rafael, CA – USA 

Project Type                Commercial, Food Production, Manufacturing

Services                       Electrical Design, Project Management

Project Delivery           Design-Assist

Owner            Jam Bars

Contractor            McDivit Construction

Architect Jeff Kroot Architects

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