Role: Electrical engineer and ‘design professional in responsible charge’ for the project. Led project from concept and budgeting through construction and commissioning. Oversaw the design, installation, and testing of two 2000 kVA temporary generators, in accordance with OSHPD CAN 2-108.

(2) 800 kW paralleled generators

Project description: The project replaced two generators located in separate buildings.

  1. As the existing generator was beyond its design life, I designed and oversaw the installation of two 800 kW generators. The new generators significantly increased the resilience of the electrical system and compliance with current codes and air quality requirements.
  2. The project team replaced the existing generator in the basement of the hospital with a direct connection to the central utility plant. The replacement provided space for the installation of much-needed mechanical equipment.
Feeder busway installed in an existing hospital
MarketsHealthcare, Mission Critical
Size(2) 800kW Standby generators, (2) 2000 kW Temporary Generators, (1) 1000A Connection to Central Utility Plant
FeaturesElectrical Engineering, Emergency power coordination, NFPA 110 testing, project administration, temporary emergency power.
ResilienceProvided multiple levels of redundancy necessary to support an operational critical care hospital
Project TeamJohn Muir Health, Mazzetti (employed by at the time of the project), Contra Costa Electric, Arup Structural Engineers, Caterpillar, ASCO power systems

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