HBSB Microgrid White Paper

On January 21 the HBSB Energy & Environment Committee voted to accept the White Paper following a presentation by the team assembled to produce this unique and valuable document.

Below is a link to the Microgrid White Paper. Herculean effort was put into this document by an amazing team of collaborators. You’re encouraged to use this to inform your projects. The change to a more resilient and renewable power system will not happen overnight. We are going to have regular updates in the HBSB Energy and Environment meetings.

If you have interest in participating in these meetings and/or have any comments feel free to join the upcoming meetings or get in contact with us here at CONTECH-CA.

Below is a link to a prior presentation to the full HBSB board. When the recording is made available we will post it on our website.

Hopefully, the Kaiser Ontario project mentioned below will become the norm. CONTECH-CA is providing engineering support for the project. We look forward to delivering this and hopefully many others using this technology.

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